Two Fourteen Candles est. 2013

Two Fourteen Candles feature:

* 100% Renewable soy
* All natural lead free cotton wicks
* Phthalate Free natural fragrance oils that are safe around Children and Pets
* Long lasting burn time
* Classy candle jars to go with any home decor
* Reusable glass jar with lid
* Only use white uncolored soy wax
* 4oz Burn Time: Up to 25 hours
* Candles come with an easy peal off label, so you are able to reuse all the glass jars.

     From each candle we sell, we will be donating a portion to the Tears Foundation. This foundation supports parents that have lost their precious babies. They help with funeral services as well as emotional help for parents. My husband and I were blessed from this foundation when our precious Ireland Joy was born a stillbirth. Without a non profit like this, parents are on there own to deal with all the details after losing their child. The Tears foundation makes this agonizing process that much easier.

4 Ounce Votive Jar with Fall Scents

Fall Scents
  • Please always trim wick to 1/4 an inch before burning. We reccomend for your first burn to do a memory burn. This entails that the entire top surface is melted before you blow the candle out. This will ensure that you will not have tunneling and will use all the wax to the bottom of the candle. Please always read care instructions on bottom of candle before burning.